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Do you still use stamps and meet penpals?

21 Sep 2020 » communication


A while ago I wanted to try if snail mail was a thing and it worked. I’ve talked to people over the mail for some time. Most of the people I’ve found were from the US and mail between Chile and the USA works alright although it’s slow as expected. COVID-19 made some destinations to block certain countries or halt all foreign mail (like Canada) nevertheless it should be fine if you live in Europe, Latin America or the USA.

So if you’re into that you can send me a letter or a postcard and go from there. Of course, I can’t post my address here, it’d be too risky but if you’re interested write a comment, through the SDF email (if you’re from SDF you know it already) or reach me out using the form below.

Tell me a bit about you. Maybe we could start exchanging interests by email first. I like reading books, cooking, outdoors, etc.