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The beginning of a story

21 Sep 2019 » meta, personals

At last… welcome!

Yeah, ever since I was in the secondary school I always had some sort of website that would last a few years, from onwards but I never had my own “place” in English. Well, I didn’t always speak English. I’ve always lived in Chile (I currently live in Santiago) and one day I had the great idea of dating a girl from the other end of the world in Europe. When I got there and at the end of my trip I ate some kind of spoiled sweet (it was 40 degrees celsius outside) and was sick for one week. The relevant part of the story was that my insurance didn’t have staff that would answer calls in Spanish (at least not officially) and then the girlfriends mom adviced me to learn English and I thought she was right. In the end it was way more useful and easy than just learning it for the sake of doing paperwork but actually a fulfilling life skill for someone in the beginning of the 20th century.

There have passed ten years from the anecdote but I learned to code, studied a career related to coding and met other people. Still I don’t consider myself a programmer as if that could define me as a person. I have other interests related to humanities and consider coding a fun part of my life but most of all a skill and a job more than part of my identity.
I always wanted to become a philosopher, a sociologist or even a journalist.

From time to time I’ll post here some story, maybe something related to SDF and personal projects as well as some translations from and

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